Course Duration: Sept.2008-May 2009

Instructors:- Associate Prof. Uttam Mali & Asst. Lect. Ajay Kumar Kadel

Internal Assessment Scores

Re-Examination Results ( applicable only to those students who were given the chance to appear for this test by the department)

Second & Third Assessment

First Assessment


Data Sheets of UA741 Op-Amp

Handouts & Slides

Course Introduction [pdf]

Semiconductor Devices Review (Source: Brunel College, UK)

Chapter 1 (IC technology)

Chapter 2 (Differential Amplifier Introduction Slides)

Oscillators Lecture Slides Part 1 (Lecture on 26 Jan, 2009)

Oscillators Lecture Slides Part 2 (Phase shift Oscillators)

555 Timer Notes (Lecture on March, 2009)

555 Timers Lecutre Slides (Lecture on March, 2009) (pptx)

Tutorial 1 [pdf]

Tutorial 2 [pdf] (Deadline: Falgun 5, 2:00 PM)


1. Jyoti Tandukar ,Course Manual of Electronic Circuits I, IOE
2. Adel S. Sedra, Kenneth C. Smith ,Microelectronic Circuits, Harcourt Brace
College Publishers.
3. T.Bogart, J. Beasley and G.Rico ,Electronic Devices and Circuits, Prentice Hall of India
4. R.L. Boylestead, L. Nashelksy, Electronic Devices and Circuit theory, Prentice Hall of India

Assignment Guidelines

Please try to do the problems intitally by yourself, since I believe that this material is best learned through problem-solving. However, In case you get bogged down I have no objections with you asking for help, from your friend or anybody but I do expect you to understand what you hand in. I would strongly recommend you to deliver the assignments on time.