Third Year Electronics Students



It is to notify that the final presentation for partial fulfillment of electronics circuit II laboratory (15 out of 25) will be held in respective laboratory times. The presentation headings are given below.


  1. Lab presentation: This is compulsory for all the groups. The presentation must include the basic theories that were dealt in lab and the practical performed to prove the theories. The precise and highly professional presentation is expected from the students.
  2. Topic presentation: This is unique to every group. A topic will be assigned to each group and all the members of the group should give presentation related to that topic.


Every presentation will be followed by question answer session on an individual basis. This session is intended to examine your depth of knowledge and dedication towards laboratory. The quality of the slides presented is also subjected to evaluation criteria.


Click here to view your group division as well as your presentation topics. The group division along with topic is also available at the college notice board. If you have any further queries regarding the presentation, feel free to contact your instructors.


No second opportunity for presentation and viva will be allowed in case the student fails to appear on the date of presentation.